Soldier On

At Angel Apparel, we wish to continue highlighting local and Canadian charities. Soldier On is a charity that we support and is one of the charities that the Army Run in Ottawa supports.

A common question when looking at charities is, why should I support them? Well this is a charity where the answer is so easy. Soldier On “supports serving members and veterans of our military who have acquired a permanent or mental illness or injury while enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces, regardless if it is attributable or not to service”. So when we contribute to the Soldier On Fund, we are directly supporting those very brave men and women who line up to protect our freedom in our time of need. Now in their time of need, we get to pay it forward. This is a wonderful cause.

“The Soldier On Fund is the most direct way for Canadians to contribute to supporting the recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration of ill and injured members. The Fund has disbursed more than $2.5 Million for the purchase of sporting and recreational equipment such as bicycles, golf clubs, kayaks, ski and fishing equipment. The Fund also pays for training and travel expenses for members to participate in regional, national and international events. ”

  • 1300 ill & injured members supported by Soldier On
  • $2.5 Million disbursed in support of Soldier On members
  • 100% of donations directly support Soldier On member

You can contribute directly through this link.

Now you know a little more about a great charity!

– Team Angel Apparel