Angel Apparel

Fashion With a Purpose

Let's be real. The world is filled with money hungry corporations that are trying to continually boost their profits. Their main purpose is to have great returns for their investors. Giving back to charity does not fall into this equation.We do! We are two mothers who care about the people in our community. We think we can make a difference by sharing our profits with those in need. We have a tough battle against some heavy weight companies, but with your help we can win! When you choose your apparel, choose Angel Apparel.

“Pay it Forward”

We are committed to giving back. We are just past our first year in business and have donated more than $6000 to charity. We have been featured on CTV Morning twice and look to see many more great years ahead. Share the word!

“Supporting Our Troops”

Supporting our troops with fashion is a unique angle. We were lucky enough to get a spot at the Army Run Expo last year. In a frantic and exciting couple of months we had Limited Edition apparel created and shipped in, with a "support our troop" theme. 2015 was our first year in business and we raised $4070 for the Army Run Charities. Proud moment!

We are a vendor on the CF1 site and we are Official Yellow Ribbon supporters. Recently we also have the approval to use the digital CADPAT for 2016.

“Tell us about your charity”

We are very dedicated to those who are working to help others. We would love to have you be a guest blogger and use our site to tell the world about your charity. The more we make people aware, the better the support will be.

“Super Customer Service”

We want you to be satisfied. Always. If for any reason you receive something that just doesn't work, then simply ship it back and we will reimburse you. Please refer to our 30 Day Policy.